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by BoroBoro

Lady Penelope (M)

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This Dusty Pink Jacket has had a pretty big overhaul. Think of this boxy jacket as a sort of 'Tale of 2 sides (we all have that right?) Look at these pockets! (Never known anyone to use them but hey, we would be interested to know if you are the exception!?)

One side is slashed, ripped and stitched. The other is made of some cute vintage Designers Guild Fabric which has been dyed and trimmed with even more cutesy flowery fabric. 

And those sleeves! The cuffs have been replaced with floral fabric with a slight hint of a glint. One a sweet pink. The other is a turbulent mix of stormy colours. These hand-woven patches will want you to hold up that drink just to show them off! Whoa! A jacket you'll want to hang up rather than throw on the floor! 

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