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The Design Studio

Custom Jeans

Upcycled by hand with fabrics rescued from landfills. START DESIGNING

How it works

Take this quiz to start designing.

Answer the questions that follow. This will inspire us to create the best piece for you.

You'll get a custom order request by email Payment Options.

We'll start discussing your custom project and clarify all the small details of what you're looking for. Customise any way you want.

We'll send you pictures of a mock up before we start stitching, you're welcome to make any tweaks to your piece. When you say "it's perfect" - we'll dispatch your custom.

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Designed By You. Upcycled By Us.

Unique & Reworked

Showcase your creativity through impeccable embroidery, patchwork, stitching, colours and repurposed fabrics. Floral? Keep it simple? It's up to you.

The Design Studio

Transforming Unloved Textile Waste