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FAQ/Contact Us.

What is pre-order? 

We get it - you guys can’t get enough our mushroom pots, our handmade coffee jewellery or our clothing. Which is great! Sometimes when our stuff starts selling like cakes that are hot, we run out and I've gotta make more. So, I put the stuff on pre-order before they've been made. Pre-order will only mean 7 days of waiting though for handmade stuff, which ain't too long. Plus pre-ordering let's reserve it before anyone else.


Shipping + Delivery?

You’ve made an order - now what?

Once an order is placed, I'll carefully collect your mushroom pot, or your clothes, coffee jewellery and package it with hugs and love, so please allow up to 5 hours for me to pick and pack your order. All orders are sent when all items are ready in full - this means that if you have a pre-order item in your order, all items will wait until that latest item is available and then will be sent out at the same time.

UK Shipping - We use Royal Mail, Hermes or TNT.

US and Canada  - We use Royal Mail and TNT. 

Europe - Royal Mail. 

You'll get a tracking code so calm down. Worldwide shipping only takes 6 business days which is pretty fast. You can expect your parcel within 2-4 business days in mainland UK.

When we ship the order you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. Please don't stress if there are no scan events within the first 24 hours - the system can take a day or so to catch up. But it's coming!

If your order does not arrive within 7 business days, please contact us so that we can follow it up with the courier. Got any problems just send me a message to


 Help, I think my parcel is lost?

Think your order might be lost in transit? Although we are quoted 2-4 business days for delivery from our couriers, sometimes things happens and they aren’t able to deliver within this timeframe because the Postman is super busy. They work hard you know.  

If your item still hasn’t been delivered within 4 days, please contact us and we can launch an investigation like Sherlock Holmes. He usually solves problems within an hour but I can do it faster. I'll get back to you super quickkkk!


 Do you ship internationally?

Whilst we started in UK, our stuff are loved all over the world! I've sent stuff to the US, Germany, Australia and even rural Canada. 



Product Questions


Want to design you own custom clothing or jewellery?

Yeah! I would love to up-cycle some clothing or make some jewellery for you. Just send me a message on Whatsapp (+44 7580656436) or email any design ideas you've got. You can take inspiration from our original pieces or you can come up with something new! I love a challenge so I bet I could make it.  


How is my stuff packaged?

With care and attention but NO plastic. Most of the time we collect packaging supplies from local business and shops, it's good to reuse. That's proper recycling.


Care Instructions?

For our hand stitched clothing - please put on a cold, delicate wash and air dry.

For our self-grown mushroom pots - you can store them anywhere, they don't soak up water so you can even keep them outside. They are biodegradable and should replace those horrible plastic pots you have.  




Returns Policy?

We know this is the boring legal trash, but take a second to have a read of our return policy. We offer free returns for 21 days from date of delivery/receiving of order. 

However, not all items are eligible. Any exclusions will be called out on product pages and / or at checkout. To be eligible for a return:

1. Item(s) have to be initiated for return and placed in the post within 21 days of the delivery/receiving of order.

2. Item(s) must be in the original packaging, which must be in the condition you received it in.

But, if you've got any problems just get in touch and I'll sort it out. 



How secure is my payment?

Really secure! That's our promise. We use Shopify Payments and PayPal which are both extremely secure and highly encrypted system designed to protect customers and also hold merchants accountable. 


What payment types are available?

We accept the literally every method of payment, such as credit cards (Visa/Mastercard) as well as debit cards that can be used for online transactions. If you’re a bit more techee, we offer GooglePay and ApplePay too!

Need a little longer to pay for your BoroBoro order? We offer Buy Now Pay Later plans payment plans as well.


Contact Us


Got a problem?

It's super easy - just send us a email with any question at or +44 7580656436