Custom pieces

Do you do custom pieces?

Of course!

You can choose & order a piece from our 'blank' range. After payment, we'll start discussing your custom project! Or email us info@theboroboro.com

I saw something I love but it is sold out. Can I order one anyway?

You can. Due to each piece being "one-of-a-kind", please order a custom piece.

Maybe we won't have the exact same fabric, or the exact jacket, but we will do our best to copy our original design.

Why do customs take longer?

As we make one of a kind, one at a time, then this is a process we hope you will enjoy so it could take a month, more if you are very specific. But we will keep you informed and send you pictures of the work as we go.


Where do you get your stuff?

Same as you! We mainly get stuff that needs to be repaired, places like ebay, rag houses, vintage shops or other online sites we like. Someone may give us stuff to use which is always nice, so thank you! 

The fabric 

These are from clothing or remnants that have been left over from sewing projects... our own or others. Even the thread used in our sewing machine was a deal we got with our first machine! 

Do you wash everything?

We do! Some nice people wash it before they sell it to us so a big thanks to them. Some fabric has been hanging around for a while so wash it before we use it. Sometimes we wash it after we have stitched it you make sure it doesn't shrink, grow or twist. We make sure everything you receive will be sweet and fresh for you to wear as is.

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship internationally?

Definitely do!! Still free.

I have just placed an order, when do I get it?

If you have ordered one of our pieces that are in our "ready-made", then we will box it up that day. We use DHL for super-fast delivery.

U.K: 1-3 Days

International: 9-21 Days

I want to be a Boroboro brand Ambassador, how?

Want to work with us?

Thank you for that! Get in touch with us info@boroboro.com and do it now because we would love to see your instagram or social media page. If you do videos or write blogs we are super excited!

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