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Our Story.

Hello You, I see you’re having another great day! 

I’m presuming you know about the idea of up-cycling? You know, the thought of creatively reusing and transforming old, unwanted and unloved stuff. And then turning it into part-new, better and environmental-valuable items.

You can literally fix and up-cycle anything you want. But, for some reason when you Google 'up-cycled clothing' you only get stuff like perfectly good polo shirts made into bags which is pretty stupid because they could have worn that shirt. 

We are different, the clothes you see on our site here are old, unloved and not deemed worthy of wearing any more. How crazy is that?!

The good news is, I rescue them and am trying to find them a good home. That's where you come in! 

I can tell you that everything is done by hand. It took ages and, as you can see, it’s been designed, thought about and put together to a really high standard.

So, I don’t want to take up all your time. I’m sure you’ve got better things to be getting on with. But please buy one of my tops. Don’t buy a new one from the shops or an online superpower. Well, not today anyway. Please help me stop them going into landfill because there’s more ‘life’ in them yet.


One Of A Kind

You’ll never, ever, walk down a road in China and bump into someone else with the same top on.

Try Upcycled

Handmade + Crafted

Our clothing is hand-stitched our coffee ground jewellery is hand crafted just outside London, UK.

Coffee Jewellery


We collect coffee waste grounds, discarded textile waste & grow our own packaging.

Our Story