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Once it's gone, it's gone for good.

Our Story


Welcome to boroboro, where every creation has a good story. We started because we love making things that are special and care a lot about keeping our planet happy.

Creating stuff that lasts a long time

We had this idea in a place full of creativity. We wanted to make stuff that's not just cool but also lasts a long time.

What We Do

Why We're Different

We really like reusing things. Instead of throwing stuff away, we turn it into something awesome and unique. Our team of creators works hard to make each piece special.

Boroboro is more than just a brand; it's like a way of thinking. Our team combines old techniques with new ideas to make things that tell a story about being unique and good to the Earth.

Take a Look

We're on a journey, and we want you with us! Check out our stuff, make something special for yourself, and enjoy the good feeling of boroboro.

At boroboro, it's not just about creating things; it's about making stories that are special, good, and a little bit imperfect. Thanks for being part of our story!