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Ring MultiPack (3 Pack)

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We see the beauty in the pieces of nature people call waste. From seed to tree, from tree to life. Our aim is to show that we can create anything from nature without consuming it. 

Each handmade ring is made from at least 35g of upcycled food waste. After dehydration, we shape the powder into moulds. A perfect sustainable alternative to horrible silicone and resin rings, which damage the planet.

  • Soft & Super Durable 
  • 3 Pack | 1x Coffee 1x Onion Paper 1x Clemintine 
  • Fully Sustainable 


Repaired clothing upcycled with textile waste collected from cutting room floors that are ready to be thrown into landfill. Upcycled near London, England.


Put on a low temp, low spin and air dry. If you don't know how to use the machine, get your nan to do it.


We aim to ship the same day, even at weekends! How great is that! Unless you placed an order after 5pm - that's when the post office people go home.

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