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Doritos (XXL)

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This Wrangler Authentic Western Jacket has been given a subtle do-over! Who doesn't love a denim jacket? You probably have a classic plain fitted one hanging up in your wardrobe. Well, this may be an interesting addition that can be worn with the again, classic chino or throw-on hoodie. Don't you think the patchwork suits the original stitching well?


Those hand-cut triangles down the front have been made from some mottled wool felt, secured with machine stitching and hand-stitched with green thread. Starting the running stitch from the front creates some little knots and threads as texture. The squeeze of dark lime green textile on the shoulder has bags of zing... and those little threads have been hand stitched in place so they don't escape in your nacho dip! Enjoy wearing this knowing you are encouraging sustainable practices!


Sizing (fits xxl)

  • Down the back: 27inch | 70cm
  • Arm: 26inch | 66cm
  • Chest: 26inch | 66cm




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"The detail is insane! Thanks for both pieces!!"

Erin M@emonfre5

"Wow it's amazing! I love it. Beautiful contrast between the original branding and the character you've added with the quilting."