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5 Benefits of Reworked Clothing

1. It is creative

You have got to admit reworking older or not so old garments encourages us to use our creative juices – as no two pieces are ever exactly the same! It encourages us to develop our own style that isn't limited by what we can find or afford. That can't be a bad process can it?


2. It is affordable

Everyone loves a good deal and when it comes to shopping. Reworking is the perfect way to get unique clothing for a relatively affordable price. We say relatively as everyone has a budget right? But taking your favourite worn clothing items and visibly mending them with your own creative flair is immediately rewarding.


3. It lessens our throwaway culture

Sadly, we can quickly tire of that piece of clothing and just want to move on. Google revealed through the capsule wardobe data that the average number of items in our western wardrobe is 148 pieces. By Western I do not mean That is a lot of fabric that we can use to start again and see something new in something used.


4. It is Good For Sustainability

Reworking old clothes with other textiles helps keep them in circulation for longer rather than adding to the world’s ever-growing pile of waste. This can help reduce our fashion footprint and even save money in the long run as you won't need to buy new clothes quite as often.


5. It influences high fashion

The fashion industry is destructive. It is no secret that high fashion get their inspiration from the street. But they basically want to please their fans. By upcycling clothing, whether vintage or not, influences large companies to make changes to their manufacturing habits. Let's be honest, they can have a bigger impact on helping the environment than liitle ol' us at boroboro.



Reworked clothing is a great way for those who are eco-conscience who look their best without sacrificing their values. But by upcycling and slowing down fast fashion which we all know causes excessive waste, we can extend its lifespan while still staying 'stylishly out of the box'.




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