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Rescued, Recycled, Reused.

Upcycled by hand with discarded, rescued fabric. Each piece is truly unique.

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Design Your Own Hand Made Clothing.

Choose from a wide variety of patterns, brands, stitching & fabric or send us your own.

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Sustainable Jewellery

Handmade jewellery made from rescued green waste and repurposed concrete .

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People who love our stuff!

"I'm a HUGE fan of what you're doing! Love my piece. Thank YOU"


"Wow it's amazing! I love it. Beautiful contrast between the original branding and the character you've added with the quilting."


"The detail is insane! Thanks for both pieces!!"


"My favourite hoodie!!"


"Been loving the piece and have gotten so many compliments on it"


Our Story.

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Transforming Old, Unwanted & Unloved Stuff.

Turning waste into part-new, better and environmentally valuable items.

Everything is made or grown by hand, you know. It takes ages and, as you can see, it's all done to a really high standard.

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One Of A Kind

You’ll never, ever, walk down a road in China and bump into someone else with the same top on.

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Handmade + Crafted

Our clothing is hand-stitched our coffee ground jewellery is hand crafted just outside London, UK.

Coffee Jewellery


We collect coffee waste grounds, discarded textile waste & grow our own packaging.

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